Inversion Table Stretching Exercises

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While technically not considered exercising, we have found that inversion tables are a great platform for doing stretches. While hanging upside down, you’ll be able to benefit from increased blood flow – which further helps to enhance and decompress all of your spinal column.

As you begin to stretch, you’ll feel tension and stress leave your body as your muscles begin to be revived with rejuvenation.

It’s no hidden secret that stretching helps to leave you feeling happy and positive. After a long day of sitting down, your muscles will be cramped due to lack of movement.

If you find yourself regularly stretching, you’ll begin to notice that you feel less tired at night. You’ll also feel happier in the morning as your muscles and spine will be completely decompressed.

There are two types of stretching that I like to use – simple stretches and assisted stretches. Both of these inversion table exercises are explained below, with information on how to perform them. I also give you a brief overview of the advantages of each type of stretch.

Simple Stretches

While lying on your inversion table, slowly and softly begin to place both of your arms behind your head. It’s important to be as slow as possible to make the whole process relaxing and rejuvenating. While tilting upside down, try to place your fingertips on the floor – stretching your arms while you do so.

While in this position, try to hold it for as long as possible. This will give you a comprehensive stretch throughout your arms and back, and give your spine chance to decompress. You’ll also relieve yourself of extra tension that you may have.

This process can be repeated as often as you like. I personally love to do simple stretches after a hard days work, before getting in the bath. A great way to unwind!

Assisted Stretches

The assisted stretch requires the use of another person. While following the above guidance, continue to lay back and put your arms behind your head once again. However, this time, have your friend, partner or assistant help you in the process.

Your partner should crouch down and gently pull on your arms. Ideally, you’ll want your arms to line up with your body. Because your partner will have more grip and power, you’ll find that an assisted stretch quickly removes any tension and stress.

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