10 Amazing Benefits of Inversion Therapy

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10 Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy for the treatment of back pain is nothing new. Ancient Greeks began experimenting with inversion therapy as early as 2000 years ago in an effort to treat back pain.

The first Inversion devices were archaic and looked much like some of the devices designed for torture in the Middle Ages. Today, however, inversion therapy has made a comeback as a successful treatment option for individuals suffering with back pain.

Fortunately, inversion tables are no longer sporting primitive designs but have been modified to optimize comfort and maximize user pain relief.

The benefits of inversion therapy are astounding as this all natural and seemingly simple treatment is benefiting individuals the world over with its amazing pain relieving results and also boasting additional and previously unforeseen benefits as well.

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Relieves Back Pain

The most substantial benefit of inversion table therapy is the pain relief it provides to individuals suffering with back pain. One of the main causes of back pain, spinal compression, is relieved through inversion table therapy.

As the user is inverted, compression is relived as pressure lessens between discs allowing for even distribution of spinal fluid. The restoration of this fluid serves to better lubricate the spaces between spinal discs and alleviates much of the user’s pain.

Inversion therapy also serves to lessen nerve pain as pressure is relieved from the spinal column. An added benefit of inversion therapy is the realignment it provides to the spine as pressure is relieved from ligaments and tendons holding the spine in place.

Many of our everyday activities such as sitting at a desk or simply using bad posture can have a negative effect on our spinal column.

Natural Alternative to Drugs

A major benefit of inversion table therapy is the relief of pain without the use of drugs. Previously, many physicians only utilized drugs for the treatment of pain. As a result, overuse and abuse of prescription narcotic drugs skyrocketed.

Even non-addictive drugs such as ibuprofen and NSAIDS wreck havoc on the body as they strip the stomach lining and cause digestive problems. Inversion table therapy serves as an all-natural drug-free approach to pain management. Often, inversion table therapy alone is all that is needed to treat and manage back pain.

Strengthens Ligaments

Normal everyday wear and tear can have a negative impact on the ligaments in our bodies as well. Often, inactivity causes our ligaments to become stiff and lessens our flexibility.

However, a benefit of inversion therapy is the strengthening effect it provides the ligaments throughout our bodies. The reversal of our weight allows ligaments to stretch out and increases blood flow.

This increased blood flow and stretching movement rejuvenates our ligaments and allows them to regenerate, preventing future injuries to impaired joints.

Maintains Height

As an expected benefit of inversion table therapy, height is maintained as spinal disc compression is relieved. Throughout our lives, gravity acts as a compression force against our spines.

After years of this compression, most individuals eventually lose an inch or two off their original height. Through the regular use of inversion table therapy, this compression is relieved and height can be maintained over a lifetime.

Promotes Greater Flexibility

An additional benefit of inversion table therapy is the increase of overall flexibility throughout the body. Through the boost in blood flow and the relief of compression on the spine, inversion therapy benefits our body’s flexibility.

Normal everyday activities such as jogging, bicycling, and even walking can cause over compensation of certain muscle groups while neglecting other parts of the body that become stiff.

Inversion table therapy works by stretching out all of the muscle groups which allows for spinal realignment and increased flexibility throughout the body.

Realigns the Spinal Column

Inversion table therapy is an amazing tool to utilize after workouts to realign the spine. After a hard cardio workout or weight-lifting, often the spine can be slightly out of alignment due to overuse or misuse of certain muscle groups.

Inversion table therapy provides an opportunity for the body to relax through the upside down reversal of pressure on the body. As pressure is lessened, the spinal column is able to decompress and stretch out along with the other muscle groups within the body.

This reversal of pressure allows the spine to realign into its natural position without the pulling of tense muscles.

Increases blood flow and Oxygen to Brain

Through the ongoing use of inversion table therapy, individuals are not only able to alleviate spinal pain, but as an added bonus they are able to boost blood flow and oxygen to their brains.

Although a relatively small organ, the brain consumes 25% of the body’s oxygen intake.

Through the upside-down motion of the inversion table, the brain is supplied with additional blood and oxygen flow that stimulates brain cells and may actually improve overall mental clarity.

Improved Circulation

A benefit of inversion table therapy is improved circulation throughout the body. Through inversion table therapy, the heart is able to more effectively circulate blood from the lower extremities into other parts of the body.

This inversion relieves pressure from varicose veins by lifting legs over the heart. The improved circulation serves to better oxygenate cells throughout the body with increased blood flow.

Preventive Care

Use of inversion table therapy serves as a basic preventive measure against any array of medical and skeletal issues. By being proactive, body injuries and illnesses can be headed off before they occur through proper care and maintenance of the body.

Inversion table therapy serves to benefit numerous body systems by providing oxygen rich blood flow, stretching out and relaxing muscles, and relieving pressure from the spine.

Overall Well-Being

Regular utilization of inversion table therapy can serve to maintain the body and keep it youthful and healthy. Inversion table therapy serves to benefit the human body through any number of ways discussed and many yet to be understood.

By taking care of the body as a whole, it will remain in optimum condition and prevent the onset of many diseases affecting westerners today.

It is a sad fact today that many of the diseases and chronic conditions affecting millions of individuals could so easily be prevented through life style changes and better choices.

The benefits of Inversion table therapy are numerous and positively impact the body in multiple ways. Of all the pain relief treatments currently available, inversion table therapy remains the only drug-free, all-natural treatment currently available to successfully treat pain while simultaneously improving overall health and wellness.

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