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Inversion Tables allow you to target the source of your aches and pain direct at the root cause. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans ignore their symptoms and suffer in silence with a multitude of different pain levels.

Throughout the past two decades, inversion tables have become increasingly popular among consumers who are looking to actively target the root cause of their back pain.

One of the most popular brands to emerge on the market, Teeter, believe that inversion tables are the number one treatment option for curing back pain, improving posture, easing stress and more.

But, just what are the benefits of an inversion table? If you’ve already read our inversion table reviews, then continue reading to understand the benefits.

By using an inversion table for just a few minutes each day, you’ll be able to:

  • Relieve back pain. Inversion tables target your whole spinal column. Through inverting, you’ll be able to relax your muscles, provide much needed hydration to your spinal discs, realign your discs/column and reduce overall pressure.
  • Ease stress. Inversion therapy has been recognized nationally as a form of stress therapy. Teeter’s inversion tables have been clinically proven to release the tension throughout your neck, back and shoulder areas.
  • Improve your joint health. Inversion tables help to strengthen and enhance shock absorption throughout your joints.
  • Improved flexibility. Inversion tables are key to improving your flexibility and leading a healthy, active and sporty lifestyle.
  • Building core strength. Inversion tables are now usually designed with core strength in mind. You’ll be able to perform ab-building exercises such as sit-ups in an extremely demanding setting – thus leading to superior core strength improvements.

Inversion Tables Are A Non-Intrusive Way To Target The Source Of The Pain

Inversion tables are one of the only ways to actively target the root source of the problem without being intrusive. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans undergo the knife each and every year – resulting in an endless list of potential future complications.

By using an inversion table, you’ll be able to provide your body with a nurturing approach to targeting the pain at the source, whilst caring for all of the surrounding weight-bearing joints.

By inverting, you’ll be creating the perfect environment for your spinal column to stretch – which will permanently improve your spinal health, whilst actively targeting and combat the problems associated with back pain.

Once you start using an inversion table, you’ll instantly be: 1) rehydrating your discs, 2) reducing nerve pressure, 3) realigning the spinal column slowly and gradually and, 4) relaxing tense and stressed muscles.

You Can Also Get Fit With An Inversion Table Too…

Inversion tables are now designed with home fitness in mind. If you are looking to build upon your core abdominal area, you’ll be glad to know that the best inversion tables provide the perfect environment to perform sit-ups and other core strength exercises. There is nothing more demanded than performing sit-ups while hanging 180-degrees.

You can also perform inverted squats if you are looking to provide a targeted core exercise to your legs – strengthening your hamstrings and quads, while providing your legs with the perfect looking sculpture.

With most inversion tables, such as the Teeter models, you’ll receive a comprehensive video training DVD. This DVD will give you all of the training activities and core exercises you need to instantly target your abdominal area, internal and external obliques and all of your back muscles (including the lower back).

When you perform these exercises without using an inversion table, you risk damaging your spinal column. With an inversion table, you can rest assured that there are no risks or compression loads being delivered to your spine.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

  • Stress Relief
  • Circulation Stimulation
  • Balance and Orientation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Train Core Muscles
  • Fitness

Your body will always let you know when you are too stressed. Your body may communicate through pain, and through displaying headaches and muscle tension & spasms throughout your body. Think of these signs as your body actively protesting against what you are doing, and how you are doing. When this happens, you need to consider whether you’re not overworking your body.

Inversion tables are great as a method of stress therapy and relaxation. Once you lie down on your inversion table, you’ll instantly be able to tune into the sweet-sound of silence; providing you with a comprehensive and rejuvenating therapeutic session.

For those wondering, a study conducted by a world-renown physiotherapist, LJ Nose, determined that muscle tension effectively declined by over 10% once the patient started to invert. This decline happened rapidly over a period of just 10 seconds, proving that inversion therapy helps long-term and short-term.

Your cardiovascular system is made up of a few core components that should be taken care of – mostly the veins, arteries, capillaries and most of all, your heart. Within your body, the transportation system carries both food and oxygen throughout the body straight into the bodies cells.

Your heart, the life and blood of your body, works tirelessly to keep blood pumping throughout the system. Blood from the lungs, which is rich in oxygen, is transported through your arteries to be eventually cleansed and injected with much-needed oxygen.

Inversion therapy is one of the most effective ways to keep your circulation in check. By reversing the effects of gravity, you’ll be providing your body with a better environment to transport blood. The more you invert, the easier the circulation process will be.

As your body solely relies on the transportation of oxygen-rich blood, this should be one of your main priorities. Even if you don’t experience back pain, improving your circulation alone should be enough reason to embark on a journey of inversion therapy.

Carry on reading to learn how you can relax and more!

Your balance is the key to your day-to-day success. Inversion therapy helps to develop your balance awareness greatly. Many consumers don’t understand that your balance is actually controlled by your ears.

Because inversion therapy stimulates your inner ears, you’ll be developing a better sense of balance awareness which will improve your day-to-day posture.

World renown fitness enthusiasts, such as springboard divers, scuba divers, skydivers and gymnasts all rely on an inversion table to improve their posture and balance.

In addition to this, research and studies have concluded that inversion therapy is extremely effective in fine tuning the body and the inner ears to the inverted world.

While inversion therapy can also be used to treat motion sickness by normalising the ear canal, this has, as of yet, not been scientifically and medically proven, although there are no known side-effects.

Inversion tables are probably best known for their ability to provide an extensive reduction in back pain. However, inversion therapy is also extremely useful in reducing pain across the whole body.

During the past decades, athletes have begun incorporating inversion therapy into their post-recovery workouts. As athletes regularly suffer from stiffness and muscle spasms, using an inversion table can be beneficial – because it provides an effective lymphatic wash.

As you exercise, your muscles will begin to get sore. This is typically due to the large amounts of lactic acid and other cellular debris that form up within the muscles.

The lymphatic system has no pump unlike the cardiovascular system, which means that manual intervention is often needed. By using an inversion table regularly, you are effectively forcing gravity to work alongside your body, rather than against your body.

The result of this is that the one-way valves in the lymphatic system will push the lactic fluid up to the chest region. The more you invert, the quicker the aches and pains will disappear. This is because the lymphatic system will clear quicker with more frequent inversion therapy sessions.

Your core muscles provide much-needed support to the human body. Supporting areas such as the abdominal area and lower back muscles, your core muscles are ultimately responsible for the ongoing maintenance of posture, movement and power. 

As such, weak core muscles will cause you to slump forward, which further increases your risk to injury and misalignments.

By using an inversion table, you will be able to effectively target your core muscles to develop them. Not only will improved core muscles help with day-to-day activities, but they will also support the spine to provide your body with correct and proper spinal alignment. Your abdominal muscles provide a support system to the spine by increasing pressure to help relieve load.

Performing such exercises without the use of an inversion table can be dangerous and may result in injury. While using an inversion table to perform these injuries, you can be sure that you have gravity on your side. Crunches, back extensions and sit-ups will effectively build your core muscles with minimal risk.

Not many people are aware of the term “functional fitness”. In the simplest manner possible, Function Fitness relates to your ability to flexible and active throughout your whole lifetime.

The term functional refers to the aspect that every function in your body is fit and healthy – including your strength, flexibility and your cardiovascular system. Inversion therapy helps to provide effective therapy to each part of the human body – helping you to achieve functional fitness.

As mentioned previously in this article, inversion tables are extremely beneficial in helping to strengthen and stimulate the circulation throughout your body, whilst providing a relaxing therapeutic treatment.

As you continue to invert, your joints and spinal column will become more flexible over time – resulting in better posture by hydrating the discs.

Unfortunately, most equipment found in gym settings don’t actively hydrate your discs – making inversion therapy a must-have tool as part of your functional fitness regime.

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