How to Choose an Inversion Table

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It is a fact of life that almost everyone will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Today, inversion therapy has become a primary source of treatment for individuals suffering with back pain.

When choosing which inversion table to purchase, there are several criteria that distinguish a quality inversion table.

All Inversion Tables are “not” Created Equal

When choosing an inversion table, it is important to pick a versatile table built to last. A good inversion table will easily adjust to accommodate a range of heights and weight with only the flick of a pull-pin.

Ideally, a good inversion table will have an adjustable height range of 4’8 to 6’8. It should also be strong enough to comfortably support individuals up to a 250-pound weight capacity.


Comfort should be at the forefront when choosing an inversion table. A good inversion table will provide padding and some sort of head support to ensure the comfort of the user.

Please note however, that some padding can cause friction against certain clothing choices. Care should be taken to choose fabrics that will comfortably lie against the padding of your inversion table.

Safety Features

A quality inversion table provides secure support for feet and ankles without pinching or fitting too tightly. More importantly, the user should feel supported and secure when operating the table.

Although there may be some initial spinal discomfort in the beginning of your inversion therapy, it should quickly subside as your body acclimates to the therapy. Making sure that you stay safe while inverting should always be a main priority.


Convenience is a huge factor when choosing an inversion table. If the table is bulky or difficult to assemble, chances are it will not be used very often after the first initial use.

When choosing your inversion table, it should provide a sturdy yet light weight frame. Assembly should be relatively easy and not require a lot of time for set-up. Finally, a good inversion table folds away quickly for convenient hide-away storage until the next use.


An important point to consider when choosing an inversion table is durability. An inversion table is a long-term investment in your health and you want it to last. When choosing an inversion table, care should be taken to note whether or not the manufacturer provides a warranty for their table.

A well made and durable inversion table will come with a warranty ensuring durability and quality during the lifetime of the product.

Read Reviews

While ordering products online is often much more convenient and practical than going to the store, the one downside is that they can’t be tested before being purchased.

Once you have an idea of the top inversion table choices, take some time to read inversion table reviews of each to find out the pros and cons.

Another tip is to consider searching for videos on Google for a greater understanding of how the product works.

Recent advancements in the design of inversion tables now allows for easier access and user ability than ever before. Inversion therapy provides an amazing alternative to narcotic drugs.

It also provides the user with an all-natural approach to pain management that provides lasting and long-term pain relief.

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