Question: Can you give me an overview of Inversion Therapy?

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Question: I need to know everything about inversion tables and inversion therapy. Can you give me a comprehensive overview of everything I need to know?

An inversion table utilizes the process of inverting, or inversion therapy to relieve lower back pain. Back conditions such as herniated disks, spinal stenosis or even bad posture can increase pressure on the vertebrae and nerves in the lower back.

Using inversion therapy, you turn your body upside down and harness the power of gravity to help relieve the pressure by increasing space between the vertebrae.

Many people that have tried inversion tables rave about the strength, comfort and stretch that they get in their whole body. Inversion tables consist of a padded “table” for your back to rest on, foot brackets, handles and a stand that allows for the table to be inverted.

The table will have locking mechanisms for your feet, and straps to assist you to complete an inversion. There are a variety of styles available, including some models that are foldable allowing for easy storage.

How does an inversion table work?

One of the most important steps in using an inversion table is checking that all of the straps, brackets, handles and inversion mechanisms are in good working order. In addition, ensure that the table is on level ground, with enough room to safely maneuver a rotation of the table.

It is recommended that you set your table up so that you do not invert more than 45 degrees during your first few weeks of using the inversion table. This can typically be done by either a strap mechanism on the bottom bar, or a degree setting dial. Have another person nearby the first few times you use your inversion table to spot you until you feel comfortable with both the table and the process.

Once your table is securely set up, step carefully into the foot brackets with your back to the table. Lock your feet in the brackets, and fasten any other straps or brackets your table offers to safeguard yourself to the table.

Using the hand brackets, slowly begin to lower yourself to a horizontal position. Remain in that position for several minutes to allow your body time to adjust. Slowly begin to invert the table in small increments, allowing yourself time to become used to the new position.

Work your way gradually up to a 45 degree angle for fifteen minutes, and repeat this daily for at least a week. Your body will become accustomed to the inversion process, and you will be able to increase the inversion until you are at a full 90 degrees. Do not progress more than 5 to 10 degrees per week. It is not necessary to progress to a complete 90 degree angle.

You can stop at whatever angle your back feels relief. Do not remain in an inverted position for longer than 15 minutes at a time. When you have completed your inversion, gradually return to an upright position stopping periodically during your ascent to allow your body time to recover.

Inversion therapy allows your vertebrae to move off of the pressured areas in your lower back and reduce nerve pain, and back spasms. As you increase your tolerance for the inversion, you can utilize the table several times a day or as needed to help relieve your back pain.

Why choose an inversion table?

People who suffer from mild to moderate back pain can often be leery of using more invasive methods of treatment such as surgery or addictive pain medication. Inversion therapy is a safe, non-habit forming method of providing relief.

Because it only provides temporary relief, the process may need to be repeated daily or even multiple times a day. Unlike other methods, this is completely acceptable.

Once you determine the angle that provides you with the most relief, you can track your usage to decide the number of times a day that best meets your needs.

Inversion tables by using gravity also help  in stretching your back which allows it to realign itself, relieving pressure and pain. Inversion can assist in maintaining overall health. Inverting yourself can help with reducing tension and stress by stretching and relaxing your  over stressed muscles.

As it is a known fact that back stretches not only help in restoring the natural curvation of our back but also improve our body posture and enhance overall flexibility.

If you have a job that requires hours sitting at a desk, a foldable inversion table could easily be stored in an office closet or workout room. This would allow you to give your back relief during a lunch break or at any point during the day when your back is feeling strain.

Inversion tables can also be used as part of a workout routine providing you with the means to do several inverted workout procedures to ramp up your workout. From a full inversion position, you can do inverted crunches or sit-ups which can provide a boost to your workout.

Inversion tables are not for everyone. People who suffer from glaucoma or other eye diseases, heart disease, are pregnant or have high blood pressure should speak with their doctor before beginning any inversion therapy.

Inversion increases the amount of blood flow to the head – creating extra stresses on the eyes and brain. If you are not sure if this treatment method is appropriate for you, consult your doctor.

Our Picks for Top 5 Inversion Tables

Here are our picks for top rated inversion tables. All reviews of the models that we have written about can be seen by clicking on the following links.  Make sure to thoroughly read all reviews before making any rash decisions on your choice.

Inversion Table Specials and Bonuses

Inversion tables can be priced from $100 – $500. Consider the available options and do your research before choosing your inversion table. What type of harness do you want your inversion table to offer? Is a non-foldable version acceptable? Do you want to be able set your inversion degree by a dial?

The amount of padding the table has, the style of handles and foot brackets, the base style and size are all important things to decide. All of these options can vary the price of your table. Test driving a table at a local retailer can give you an idea of what style you would be most comfortable with.

Inversion tables are available at sporting goods stores or where ever exercise equipment is sold. Several online retailers also offer a selection of tables for purchase.

Special sale pricing can be found during peak shopping times such as Christmas or spring time. It is not recommended to purchase a used inversion table unless you have inspected it completely.

You will need to check all of the straps and brackets, the inversion mechanism and the handles to make sure that it is in good repair and will be safe to use.

Back pain can be debilitating, and relief can be difficult to achieve. Using an inversion table is a safe and simple method to give your back the rest it needs, and help you get back to your normal activities.

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