Question: What Is The Best Inversion Table For Lower Back Pain?

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I have been suffering with lower back pain now for 2-months, and it’s getting unbearable. I have visited my Doctor’s several times, only to be prescribed pain killers and told to wait to see if it progresses. My doctor hasn’t done any sort of tests, and I get the feeling that he thinks I’m over exaggerating. Sometimes, I’ve had to visit A&E because the pain is that severe. I’ve been dosed with morphine to relieve the pain, and that’s the only time I’ve actually felt complete relief. I’m seriously considering buying an inversion table to try and tackle my lower back pain, but I don’t know which model is best. My budget range is around $600, but ideally I’d only like to spend between $300 and $400. What are your suggestions?

Lower back pain is a serious condition, and I’m disappointed that your Doctor hasn’t taken it seriously. Back pain will never get better on its own usually, as it has an underlying cause. Typically, the only exception to this is where the back pain can be attributed to something – e.g. a work related accident or a fall. In your question, you didn’t mention that something specific happened, so I’m going to assume that your back has naturally started to emit pain.

To me, this sounds like your body has taken as much as it can, and it’s now starting to deteriorate. Much like any human organ, the spine will get worse over time, especially once you’re over 25 years of age. Other health related factors can also contribute to back pain, such as being overweight or doing strenuous work on a daily basis.

On my homepage, you’ll find the three best inversion tables that I personally recommend. For your budget, I’d be looking at picking up the Teeter Hang-Ups EP-960 or the Ironman ATIS 1000 – depending on how much you want to spend. The EP-960 retails at around $400, and the ATIS at around $200. The teeter model is going to offer more comprehensive inversion therapy, but the Ironman ATIS is a great budget table if you really need to cut back on your spending.

Please be sure to read my other articles and how-to guides, such as my Inversion Table Exercises section, as doing exercises will also help to tone and strengthen your muscles.

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