Groin and Lower Back Pain: Causes and Remedies

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Lower Back Pain

Groin and lower back pain be completely debilitating, however, this should not be a cause for worry. Although it may sound as though you are not able to do what it is you wish to do, the issue is not serious.

The main questions people like you with groin and lower back pain ask are Although it may feel serious the groin and lower back pain you are experiencing is from a common issue related to back pain.

There are four major factors which are known to cause back pain namely; pelvic balance, tight muscles, and weak muscles.

With the groin and lower back pain you are experiencing, the main cause is identified as the pelvic balance. As muscles and joints lose balance, the pelvic also twists.

When this occurs, the joints which have been attached to it get under tension. The hip, where the leg is attached to the pelvis gets under tension and then there is an occurrence of a dislocation which is partial.

There is no cause for worry. The dislocation is normally minimal.

This means that you will not be incapacitated or in need for a sudden hip replacement, the pelvic twisting makes it impossible for the joint to work correctly and therefore the ligament and muscles become strained.

This causes the pain in the groin, while other factors are responsible for the low back pain.

In total, you have joint movements which are incorrect, pelvic imbalance and weak and tight muscles which cause low back pain and on the other hand the hip tension and pelvic twisting creates the groin pain.

Even though it may sound serious and complicated, it is not.

This is a common type of the low back pain conditions .One good thing about it is that it is easy to fix and correct permanently and completely which build to the next question.

How to remove the groin and low back pain

To permanently, totally and completely get rid of the groin and lower back pain you should address the address the four main factors which create it.

Fix the muscles which are tight by stretching since it is the quickest and best way to accomplish this. Even though knowing when and how to stretch is the most important thing to do instead of knowing what should be stretched.

The weak muscles should be stimulated –first of all by improving the blood supply and nerve supply of these muscles and exercising them.

Do not worry because this does not require much time or effort. You should get the joints to move well and this can be done by using the self adjustments techniques. Finally you should rebalance the pelvis.

If you do this, the low back and groin pain will not only heal quickly, it will also heal completely. Nevertheless, the first thing you need to do to remove the pain is not to attempt to correct the joints, exercising or stretching.

The first important step is to find the type of distortion patterns you have in the spine which have allowed the low back and groin pain to occur. Finding the patterns lets you target the main areas and then remove the pain.

Additionally, it provides tools which are used to ensure that these patterns do not reoccur and as such prevent groin and lower back pain.

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