Relations of Kidney Pain and Lower Back Pain

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There could be a relationship between the kidney and lower back pain. The reason as to why there is confusion between the two is that at times you may experience pain in your lower back.

Normally kidney back pain is felt in the kidney’s location; just above your pelvis’ on your lower back’s either side. It can be found in the hip area as well as the area in front of one’s groin as illustrated in the diagram below.

However, some differences exist between kidney pain felt in the lower back and common back pain, in case am examining a person it is normally a blending of symptoms that ultimately would lead me to think kidney as opposed to a problem of the lower back.

Stones and infection are common problems associated with the kidney.

Symptoms associated with an infection include:

  • Pain in the lower back, one or even both sides, which could end up spreading to the groin.
  • Feeling sick, unwell and nauseated
  • High temperatures and fevers
  • Unusually smelling and cloudy urine
  • Probability of blood having urine
  • Frequent trips to the toilet

Remember that these symptoms may all not come at the same time…

Kidney stones may fail to cause any pain in case they re small in size, in case they are bigger the possibility of them getting wedged inside one’s ureter or renal pelvis as their body attempts to pass the stones is high. This could cause a LOT of pain.

Additionally, stones can be the cause of an infection and this may lead to the symptoms indicated above.

Back pain has different symptoms:

  • The pain is usually limited to a small area
  • It could have occurred without warning
  • It could be worsened or improved by particular positions and movements
  • It never causes generalized illness or fever

Most of the time, if you experience back pain taking in pain relief may end up making you feel somewhat different as to normal and sometimes even sick.

However, it is important not to be confused regarding this with any kidney problems associated with back pain like cauda equine have the ability of affecting your bladder as well as bowels but then these symptoms are quite different to those that have been described above.

During the whole period I have been in practice, am yet to meet a person with a kidney and lower back pain issue which has been confused for a problem in the lower back.

You can differentiate the two right away. Is the pain you have in your lower back related to the kidney?

You can ascertain this only by consulting your personal doctor who will then diagnose this using either clinical examination or through coming up wit tests that will help check if there is any infection or if there is a relationship between the kidney and lower back pain in your pain.

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