Dealing with Ovulation and Back Pain

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There is a relationship between ovulation and back pain as pain in the lower back when ovulating commonly begins in the lower part of the abdomen and it is referred to as Mitelschmerz when using medical terms.

The noun ‘mittelschmerz’ comes from a German word whose meaning is middle pain, literally. This kind of pain normally comes fourteen days prior top your menses and begins commonly occurs during the process of ovulation.

Those kinds of pains do not cause much worry but incase their symptoms can be made better by use of medications, then it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Mittelschmerz presents a pain in the lower abdomen that is one-sided and that occurs inside women around or at the time of ovulation. The pain can be felt on any of the sides of the lower abdomen and it is possible for them to change sides during the ensuring cycle.


Whenever you get a very painful ovulation its name becomes mittelschmerz. This German word means “middle pain” and many times the pain can be felt inside a woman’s abdomen, but it is possible for it to spread onto the pelvis and back as well. While the pain can be extreme mittelschmerz pain is not serious and people consider it to be normal.

Ovulation Pain

Most women who experience pain during ovulation will get a prickly pain inside their abdomen that will slowly fade and become a kind of dull headache.

The pain inside the abdomen can go on into the back as well as the pelvis and this will many times create a certain back pain dull ache during ovulation.

In case you get ovulation pain you will experience symptoms such as pain on any side of the sides of the abdomen, back and pelvis. One can feel the pain during intercourse, when one is working out as well and it can be accompanied by several gastrointestinal symptoms.

Nausea as well as some spotting may occur as well.

How Many Times

Some women experience painful ovulation in all of their cycles. However, many women get ovulation and back pain less times. If you experience mittelschmerz, you are in a position to most probably experience painful ovulation after every three or four months.

The pain normally stays for about 6 to 8 hours, but it is possible for it to go on for twenty four to forty eight hours.


The cause of painful ovulation is supposedly a small blood outflow whenever an egg is released form your ovaries. The blood consequently causes some irritation which then causes pain inside your back and abdomen. The amount of ovulation pain experienced every month supposedly depends on the blood that goes out.

Relieving Ovulation Pain

Drinking much water by use of an instrument known as heating pad onto the back or stomach or soaking inside a nice, warm bath can aid in relieving back pain associated with ovulation. A number of women also make use of drugs that are sold across the counter to make the pain go away.

In some instances your doctor could make a prescription of birth control pills that will help in preventing ovulation thereby reducing the pain you are feeling significantly.

In case you are vomiting blood, have a swollen abdomen or have difficulty breathing or other symptoms related to ovulation and back pain consult your doctor immediately.

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