Running and Lower Back Pain: Correct Running Techniques

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Running and lower back pain may be mentioned in the same breath in more regularly than they should. Running happens to be a good activity for exercise, body toning as well as.

Athletics is a good way of keeping fit and many people get enjoyment out of this activity throughout their lives. For other people it is either a temporary pursuit or an irregular activity as a result of injury.

In case you have back aches when running or after a session, find out the main causes shown below:

  • Worn out or inadequate athletics shoes
  • Attempting to maintain yourself upright
  • Thrusting forwards to begin running
  • Excessive bounce when taking strides
  • Running with an injury

Begin with the simple options like varying the type of shoes that you use for running.

If they are worn out then they may not be able to absorb regular shock from the contact with the ground. This will cause jarring and compression of the spine discs.

Visit a shop that deals in athletics goods and inquire whether they are able to assess your technique of running so as to recommend the best kind of shoe.

If the store does not offer much help then you need to go for a check up by a physician to find out whether you have some hidden injuries.

When you are experiencing back aches when running; it is the most logical thing to analyze tour technique.

Could it be your  running technique?

For majority of athletes, running and lower back pain causes majority of the problems. According to me there are two major causes of this problem with regard to ones technique of running.

1. Attempting to maintain an upright torso much like Michael Johnson’s involves the tightening of the muscles. This technique is currently accepted by a large number of coaches but was earlier considered to be unconventional. This style is an efficient method of running. Although if you take a look at the evolution of the Johnson technique you will notice that he used the lower back fewer and fewer times in order to achieve the right effect.

In order to get an upright technique of running without contracting the lower back requires you to release the muscles which could make the torso collapse forward. The muscles known as latissimus dorsi could then work sufficiently to hold up the torso and this eases the stress that could be put on the lower back

2. Something else that triggers running and lower back pain for athletes is the notion that athletics is just about moving in forward motion. Okay definitely this is the main objective however it is not absolutely necessary to push in a forward motion in order to move. Running is basically involves the releasing of a force or energy into the ground and making use of the ankle knee and hip joints to turn this activity into forward motion.

Golden Rule: make use of the ground and not the back!

The technique that you use for running may be the main problem. The moment you are able to come up with a sufficient and comfortable style which will ensure that running and lower back pain are not associated with each other again.

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