Are Testicle and Back Pain Interrelated?

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Testicle and Back Pain

Many people often wonder is there exists a relationship between testicle and back pain it is a common fact that pain inside the testicles is a sensitive problem where men are concerned and it has any causes.

Most of the pain that men feel is not permanent and can result into a number of symptoms but there will be no lasting conditions.

However, in some instances pain could be more severe leading to impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Here are a number of facts you should know about:-

  1. Testicular cancer in men is a possibility, but quite a number of other probabilities exist- these include groin strain, infection, hernia and prostatitis. An ultra sound for the scrotum presents the ideal test that for ruling out the testicular cancer.
  2. I would like to make a suggestion of a good urology referral. At times it is not easy to detect prostatitis. One can consider a good transrectal ultrasound to make the image of the prostrate come out and to check for if there are any abscesses. A comprehensive pelvic CT scan is another consideration which can be used for evaluating hernias.

Sciatic nerve irritation/pain symptoms commonly cause pains that shoot from the buttocks down to the leg , cramps and tingling or burning sensations within one’s legs.

Prostatitis, epididymytis or any other type of inflammation associated with the tract of male genitals can result in symptoms such as testicular pains, difficulty in voiding and back pain among others.

Another suggestion is one more evaluation as well as a number of diagnostic studies so as to rule out the possibility of a serious infection as well as any other anomaly. If there is a testicle and back pain relationship it can be identified using for instance an MRI. No matter the problem, you should be re-evaluated.

However, a possibility exists that there is a particular bulging disc that is hitting a certain nerve. You can consider first going for conservative treatment such as physical therapy unless the symptoms you have are major such as tingling, leg numbness, pain and weakness.

If you are unable to pee, are experiencing numbness inside your pelvic area (“saddle paresthesia”) as well as one sided leg weakness because of a nerve that is pinched then your fist option is surgery.

Sometimes a velocity test for nerve condition and an EMG is performed on a person to establish the extent to which the involvement of nerves has gone.

Spinal decompression is the same as spinal surgery, incidentally.

It could be a type of nerve or muscle problem. Appropriate diagnosis depends on factors like medical history, age, exact symptoms and general health.

Therefore before going to visit the doctor, consider these factors, list them so that your doctor can be able to know what is exactly bothering you.

  • Could there be anything that made the pain come about or was it a sudden occurrence?
  • Does the pain feel like a discomfort or is it severe?
  • Do you experience problems when urinating or are there any symptoms?

These are all factors and you should consider if they are effecting you. With a number of screening tests, it should be easy for the doctor to establish what is ailing you.

The result could be kidney stones in the instance one’s symptoms are severe or it could be an infection, hernia in case one can feel a lump somewhere, nerve entrapment or an infection.

See a doctor as there might be quite a number of possible causes for the relationship between testicle and back pain.

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