Question: Are As Seen On TV Inversion Tables Any Good?

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Question: I keep seeing infomercials from companies I’ve never heard of promoting their inversion tables. In the past, I’ve stayed clear of ASOTV products. Do you recommend any of the As Seen On TV Inversion Therapy Tables?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: I would not recommend an ‘As Seen On TV’ inversion table to anyone, my clients or otherwise, as infomercials are crafted in such a way that they sell the product by exaggerating good qualities and glossing over the faults, if they are even mentioned in the first place; which just is not acceptable when dealing with a product that can have various advantages and benefits to rival medicines and drugs; providing the fact that a high quality machine is bought, and if not on the other hand, you would be starting off a routine with something that could potentially cause you more discomfort than you already have – and in the case of a brand new, untested brand, an inversion table from such a company could hypothetically be very dangerous – not a solid structure, no instructions, no weight limit/height limit etc.

And so in order to really get a good feel for an inversion table, you should always buy from a reputable brand and select a highly praised model.

Of course if what you are considering is a completely new model then you are only be able to judge by the former but that should be sufficient. You could even wait just a couple of weeks to see the reviews (TOP TIP – when judging reviews from Amazon, look for the ones that say VERIFIED PURCHASE – as there is a record of these customers purchasing this product in their Amazon account; none of the infamous ‘internet trolls’ or anybody else who would give an unfounded account of the inversion table that they never purchased in the first place) and go from there.

By all means if the reviews support what has been shown on the infomercials, any questions have been answered to a satisfactory degree and there is a positive trend of 3/4/5* reviews then go ahead and strike while the iron’s still hot.

For instance just look at the Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 that I was asked to review a little over six months ago – its unique selling point might be ‘As Seen On TV’ but that is not what will keep you safe when you’re alone in your home literally hanging upside down by your ankles.

Inversion therapy is a very effective and rewarding form of spinal decompression, but only if carried out using a machine that is reliable, secure, comfortable and so will have positive benefits for your overall health.

Making the wrong choice when deciding which inversion table you should purchase (in terms of comfort, durability, support, stability etc.) could potentially be as damaging to your spine (and neck, shoulders and lower limbs) as if you were to walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them to crack your back.

Remember that when you buy an inversion table you want it to be right for you; and in order to make an informed decision you need to have all the details, which ‘As Seen On TV’ products will not give you.

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